Best Burgers Ever

BANGLES opened in 2005 and is the leading brand of American restaurants in China.

Re-decorated in 2014, a new dish, adhering to the “Hell Kitchen” self-expectation,

We are committed to providing you with “fresh” and ready-made “European” creative cuisine.


Services come from friends from all over the world. A feast of grilled steaks, local European and American cuisine, cocktails, music, and food.


Bangles Bistro, formerly known as the Bangles Grill & Steak House, was closed on the day of its eight-year run.

It was decided to use four months to make a comprehensive transformation. After the vast project in February 2014, it officially transformed into the first “Western Restaurant Dining Tavern” in Taoyuan County.

**Bangles Bistro is more than just a restaurant**

BANGLES BISTRO is a restaurant-style Western tavern

Serving friends from all over the world. Offering restaurant-grade cuisine from around the world

Cast iron fire grilled steak. Local European and American cuisine. cocktail. Red Wine. Reggae hip hop music

BANGLES BISTRO. Not just a restaurant.

** cast iron fire grilled steak**

Bangles Bistro uses imported premium steaks. It is naturally fermented into tender fleshy meat at regular temperature.

And insist on the whole process of open fire, carbon roast and original cooking style. Provide the delicious taste of your foreign restaurant grade steak!